Adults about 3/16″ (4-5 mm) long; broadly oval and flat. Color brown to reddish brown (after feeding). Head with beak/proboscis 3-segmented, not extending beyond front coxae. Ocelli absent. Antenna 4-segmented, 3rd segment longer than 2nd or 4th. Pronotum with front margin deeply concave to receive head, with side margins greatly expanded forward to beyond eyes, pronotum more than 2.5 times as wide as long at its middle; fringe hairs on pronotum shorter than width of eye. Bases (coxae) of middle and hind legs widely separated; tarsi 3-segmented.  Front wings vestigial, reduced to wing pads; with contiguous (touching) portions shorter than scutellum (triangular plate directly behind pronotum) in length.

Body upper surface sparsely covered with short golden hairs (setae), usually shorter than diameter of 2nd antennal segment. Emit an “obnoxiously sweet” odor from scent glands.

Nymphs resemble adults but are smaller and paler in color; white just after molting and then light tan in color before feeding.

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